jueves, 6 de septiembre de 2012

Pegadoras En Ingles 4

  1. Daybreak                                             Barry Manillow
  2. Summer Hollyday                                 Terry Winter
  3. Hopelessly Devoted To You                  Olivia Newton John
  4. If                                                         Bread
  5. Love                                                    Jonh Lennon
  6. Love On The Rocks                            Neil Diamond
  7. Love's Theme                                      Unlimited Love Orchestra
  8. Nights In White Satin                           Procol Harum
  9. Silly Love Songs                                   Paul McCartney
  10. Sing A Song                                        Carpenters
  11. You'll Notices Me                               Terry Winter
  12. The Way We Were                              Barbara Streisand
  13. Knock Three Times                             Down
  14. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life        Stevie Wonder


Se Feliz.

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