domingo, 26 de agosto de 2012

Pegadoras En Ingles

  1. All By Myself                          Eric Carmen
  2. Alone Again (Naturally)           Gilbert O'Sullivan
  3. Can't Smile Without You          Barry Manillow
  4. Can't Take My Eyes Off You  Frankie Valli
  5. Dont Give Up On Us Baby     David Soul
  6. You Are My Everything          Santa Esmeralda 
  7. If You Leave Me Now           Chicago
  8. Just The Way You Are          Barry White
  9. Kiss And Say Goodbye        Manhattan
  10. Memories (Cats)                   Barbara Streisand
  11. My Love                               Paul McCartney
  12. Don't Say You Don't Remember  Beverly Bremers
  13. Sam                                      Olivia Newton John 
  14. See You When I Get There   Lou Rawls
  15. When I Need You                 Leo Sawyer


Se Feliz.


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