domingo, 20 de enero de 2013

Silver Conventio The Very Best

CD 1

1. Get Up And Boogie
2. Always Another Girl
3. Acuestate Conmigo
4. Dancin In The Aisle
5. I Like It
6. No No Joe
7. Thank You Mr DJ
8. Tiger Baby
9. Blame It On The Music
10. Boy Whit The Ooh La La=20
11. Breakfast In Bed
12. Chains Of Love
13. Get It Up
14. Heart Of Stone
15. Love In A Sleeper
16. Mission To Venus
17. Old Wine In New Bottle
18. Everybodys Talkin About Love


CD 2

01.Fly Tobin Fly
02.Save me
03.Oooh what a night
04.Spend the night with me
05.You got what it takes
06.Play me like a yo-yo
07.Please don't change the chords
08.Son of a gun
09.You turned me on
10.San Francisco Hustle
11.Take me, wake me, shake me
12.City in the sun
13.Fancy party
14.Land of make believe
17.Cafe au lait(enhanced version)

Se Feliz.

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